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What’s the Luckiest You’ve Ever Been While Travelling?

What is the luckiest you’ve ever been while travelling? I’ll start, I narrowly missed two typhoons, and dodged an earthquake. Let me explain: The year was 2018, and the destination Japan. My brother and I had booked a 2-week long trip which would take us through such cities as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima in what would be our first time to Asia.

Tales From a Lost Water Bottle

Right from the time I moved in, it caught my eye. It was covered from head to toe by stickers from several national and provincial parks, the flags from a multitude of provinces, and a bunch of outdoor brands’ logos. One day I finally asked him about it, and it turned out that the water bottle wasn’t even originally his. The curiosity, and the mystery of who it belonged to ate at me for months. Who was this person? What was their story?

Why You’ll Fall In Love With Japan

When you arrive at your hotel, the staff handle your passports and credit cards like a newborn baby. Every time you enter a café, restaurant, or store you’re greeted like royalty. The service you receive in Japan is bar-none the best I’ve ever had in all of my travels, and nothing but the best is accepted by those who serve you. The Japanese see it as a pleasure, not an obligation to give you the best experience possible.

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