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Countries You Didn’t Know Shared a Border With Canada

Canada is a massive country. At 9.985 million km² (3.855 million mi²) it is second in size only to Russia. It has the largest coastline of any nation in the world at 243,042 km (151,019 mi), and touches three oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the… Continue Reading “Countries You Didn’t Know Shared a Border With Canada”

What is the Furthest Place From You on Earth?

The other night I was exploring Google Maps when a thought crossed my mind: What is the furthest place from me on Earth? The obvious answer would be 20,037 km (12,472 miles) in any direction, being that’s half the circumference of the planet, but that puts me somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean and seeing as I don’t own an ocean liner that’s not exactly helpful information. So my next step was to find the nearest large city with an airport to that location.

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