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Why You’ll Fall In Love With Japan

When you arrive at your hotel, the staff handle your passports and credit cards like a newborn baby. Every time you enter a café, restaurant, or store you’re greeted like royalty. The service you receive in Japan is bar-none the best I’ve ever had in all of my travels, and nothing but the best is accepted by those who serve you. The Japanese see it as a pleasure, not an obligation to give you the best experience possible.

I Spent an Unexpected Extra Day in Barcelona, Spain

The year was 2013 and the destination was Barcelona, Spain. My family and I (recently turned 14 years old) had just gotten off the 8.5 hour red-eye flight from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. We made it through customs at around lunch time. After a… Continue Reading “I Spent an Unexpected Extra Day in Barcelona, Spain”

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