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Bangkok’s Golden Buddhas (Wat Pho Temple) – Photo Friday #8

This week marked the 1 year anniversary of my trip to Thailand in February of 2020. It seems hard to believe it’s been this long, and yet felt so short since my first time visiting Southeast Asia. If you read my post from a couple months ago, Thailand Travel Diary – Day 1: In Transit, you will recall that I was only able to spend one full day in the magical city of Bangkok before jetting off to the beaches of Phuket.

Kata Noi, Phuket, Thailand – Photo Friday #4

Aside from the obvious spectacular scenery, I love this picture because it brings back a flood of memories; the smell of the ocean, the gentle whispering breeze, and the warmth and silence of the setting sun. Thailand is a special place, and I can’t help but look at this photo and wish I was there once again.

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