2022: Year In Review


Okay, so I’m a little late with this one. Okay VERY late. I usually aim to post my Year in Review’s… you know, at the end of the year. I’m choosing to focus on the positives, and what matters is that it’s here now. Better late than never!

2022 was such an incredible year for travelling, achieving lifelong goals, and seeking out new experiences. I lived abroad while on exchange at the University of Liverpool, visited a bunch of new places and countries, and met and made some amazing friends from all over the world. To mark the end of 2022 and the start of a new year, I put together a brief overview of the last 12 months including my travel statistics summary, as well as the statistics for this Website and associated YouTube Channel. As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and I wish you all the best in (the remainder of) 2023!

| Travel Recap

| Overall Website Statistics

Where You’re Reading:

In 2022, Seeking Saudades was viewed in 121 countries and territories from around the world. Here is a map and list of where you’re all from, and a breakdown of each location’s total views.

1. Breakdown by Map
Shaded countries represent where Seeking Saudades was viewed
2. Breakdown by List
Most Viewed Post:
What is the Furthest Place From Me on Earth?
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Google search results really liked this particular post this year, and it was a massive driver for website visits in 2022. If you haven’t figured out what the furthest place from you on Earth is, why not find out now?

Personal Favourite Post:
My Honest Ryanair Flight Review (Why it’s My Favourite Airline)

Before this year, I would have avoided Ryanair like the plague. But after experiencing it for myself as a budget university student on a semester abroad in the United Kingdom, this magnificent airline quickly became one of my favourites. Follow the link to find out why!


| YouTube Statistics

I uploaded 4 videos last year, one of which was a full travel highlight video of my time visiting the Isle of Man in May. I didn’t come to the island with much expectation, but wow was I blown away with what I saw and experienced. I definitely recommend taking a trip to the Isle of Man if you haven’t already. The video itself has picked up a fair amount of views since being published, check it out!

Isle of Man Travel Highlights | 4 Days Exploring a Hidden Gem

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