Month: May 2021

The Kayak’s Maiden Voyage (Evoke Algonquin Kayak Review)

Fast forward to this past weekend, and the water was finally warm enough (46 ℉) to feel confident that I could attempt to take it out for a spin without risking death if I fell overboard. In the end, the new kayak proved to be extremely roomy, stable, and tracked in the water like a dream. It’s still a bit of a heavier boat at 56 pounds, but I didn’t really feel it during the paddle.

Phang Nga Bay, Thailand – Photo Friday #14

For those unfamiliar with Phang Nga Bay, I like to think of it as Thailand’s version of the world famous Ha Long Bay, found in Vietnam. Stunning rock islands, sweeping ocean views, and amazing sunsets are all on the features list. It’s a magical place, and the scenery is about as far away from I’m used to seeing here in Canada.

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