The Canada / United States Border – Photo Friday #3


Welcome back to Photo Friday and Happy New Year!

This week’s photo comes from the Canada – United States Border between the Province of British Columbia and Washington State.

Much of the border between Canada and the United States looks just like the area in photo below: a ditch beside the road, or a long clearing of trees. The border between these two nations is not only the longest international border in the world, (8,890 km, 5524 mi) but it’s also the longest undefended one. The only way to actually tell you’re entering an entirely different country is by the colour difference of the pavement, and the white pillars which mark the exact boundary line.

Still though, much of the border is under constant 24/7 surveillance from both sides, so crossing here without repercussions isn’t as easy as it seems. However, it fascinates me just how different the United States’ northern border is with Canada in contrast to the one with Mexico in the south; walls, fences and all.

See you next week!

The Canada - United States Border
Canada – United States Border Marker, British Columbia/Washington State (ca. November 2019)

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